IrfanView 4.35 PlugIn for Windows 10


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A collection of plugins for outstanding graphics browser that is IrfanView. The installation is automatic. A collection of plugins will be installed into a directory of your browser. Package contains among others The following plugins: IV_Player, Med, Mp3, Nero, Quicktime, Real Audio, SoundPlayer, B3d, CRW, CADImage, Dicom, DjVu, EaFsh, Ecw, Flash, Formats, FPX, Pics, JPEG2000, Jpm, Kdc, Ldf, LogoManager, LWF, Mng, Mrc, MrSID, PhotoCD, PNGOUT, SFF, 8BF_Filters, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, Email, Exif, IPTC, Jpg_Transform.